Seach for the perfect FTP client

FlashFXP is a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client for Windows, it offers you easy and fast ways to transfer any file between other local computers (LAN – Local Area Network) running a FTP server or via the Internet (WAN – Wide Area Network) and even directly between two servers using Site to Site transfers (FXP – File eXchange Protocol). 

After a long search for me in the quest for a good ftp client I finally got to FlashFXP. The quest started a couple of months ago when I had 3 sites to maintain with only windows’ explorer to upload.


After first going back to my old favorite, WS_FTP I quickly found out that I just couldn’t bear with the price. Since I want all features possible (including Server-to-server file transfers) I had to get the Pro version. At the time it was 45 euro’s (58 dollar).


Next up my my list was Filezilla since I love freeware. While filezilla did look great at first, I ran into trouble when trying to upload a big site with loads of small files (Joomla). The trouble was that a lot of small files failed to be sent. After googling the recommendation was that I opened more than 50 ports. This, however, did not solve the problem.


A colleague recommended CoreFTP. This software has a freeware and paid version. The problem with CoreFTP was that I just couldn’t get used to the interface.


The last FTP was FlashFXP. This actually felt right at the start and when uploading Joomla it sometimes became a bit slow with the small files but it actually did upload everything correctly. The price is also very good. At 30 dollar for 1 license (23 euro) it offers really good value for money. The software is well supported, the community is active and the developer is friendly. I started using it when version 4 was in beta and the developer quickly eradicated all bugs. This developer (Bigstar) also creates the portable version himself.

With great features, great support, a good community and a great price you can’t go wrong. My decision is final, I’ll continue to use FlashFXP.

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