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What I think about Windows Phone 7.8

It has been announced that current Windows Phone devices won’t get Windows Phone 8. Instead they get version 7.8. I think it’s a stupid move.

The problem is that some android users tried to flee from the fragmentation issue. Microsoft would make the updates, not the OEM’s. This would mean quicker updates instead of waiting for months for an update. Microsoft decided that it wouldn’t bring 8.0 to current Windows Phone devices, instead it would bring over some features.

When 7.5 was launched it brought new features. Features that weren’t in 7.0 and wouldn’t get ported to that version. The great thing was that all devices got the update so this meant that users could update to newer versions of their apps which used those functions. All users still running 7.0 simply couldn’t update those apps and couldn’t get new apps that used those API’s.

When 8.0 will be released, what will happen to the current users of Windows Phone? What happens to users that bought a Nokia Lumia 900 in the last coupe of months? They will not get the latest and greatest, they need to wait almost 2 years until they can renew their contract. At least with Android you can install custom roms because the source is available. This won’t be the case with Windows Phones.

I think that 7.8 is a bad move. It makes sure that the power users get deprived of the new version and do note that those power users recommend phones to their friends and family. I think it’s a bad move and I’m not the only one. The Nokia share price are at an all-time low since August 1996 because this will hurt the sales of the Nokia Lumia line. Current Lumia devices are “somehow already legacy products,” the analysts said.

So.. What do you think?

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