GOG, a praise.

GOG is a digital game distribution site. It is comparable to Steam, but it doesn’t have a DRM like Steam does and offers a better price.

GOG and Steam

The fact that GOG doesn’t have a DRM is, in my eyes, one of the biggest pluses. When the service goes down, temporarily or forever, you still have your local copy. Even when your account gets banned, you still have the local copies.

The biggest downside is that you currently miss some of the convenience Steam offers. One of those conveniences is auto-updating. This is something I currently miss, but it will be addressed soon with GOG Galaxy, an OPTIONAL client.


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Xbox One DRM removed, why I think this is BAD

I have to admit, when I first heard about the policy that the Xbox One needed a connection to the internet every 24 hours to play your games, I was pissed off. Why would a company do that? Don’t we own the games?

Later Sony said that the PlayStation 4 didn’t have these restrictions. I was sold and I was sure Sony won this console war.


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