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Xbox One DRM removed, why I think this is BAD

I have to admit, when I first heard about the policy that the Xbox One needed a connection to the internet every 24 hours to play your games, I was pissed off. Why would a company do that? Don’t we own the games?

Later Sony said that the PlayStation 4 didn’t have these restrictions. I was sold and I was sure Sony won this console war.

What changed

When I actually looked at the benefits of the Xbox One DRM I actually started to like the system.

“Wait, I can download every game I purchased, even if the disc is broken?”

“Oh my, I can share every game with 10 of my friends without having to drive over to hand them the disc”

“Wait a minute.. I can gift a game to someone else? So basically I can resell my game?”

Hell, that is even better than Steam! Seriously, if only I could share my games with friends on Steam, since I have a huge library of Steam games.

Now Microsoft announced that they’ve listened to the fans. They removed the DRM which also removes the benefits we would get!


What I would love to see is a middle-ground in all of this. I want to have those benefits. Sure, the 24 hour requirement is annoying, but if I have an option to switch to “offline-mode” when I know I’m taking it on vacation I can live with it all. Perhaps even stretch it to once every week, this would make sure I can still play when there is an internet outage here.

I really understand that people don’t want restrictions, but please, give us an option to choose. I actually want all those benefits and I don’t mind the DRM that comes with it…

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